Tuesday 29 September 2020: Employees at Beefmaster Group, Kimberley’s largest private employer and a highly respected corporate citizen in the Kimberley community, came together to celebrate Heritage Day with a range of inspiring activities; all for a good cause. 

The company raised R17 000 for charities in and around the Kimberley community during Heritage Month.  Last week Wednesday on 23 September Beefmaster Group lit up braai fires at its Kimdustria premises to celebrate Heritage Day and invited Kimberley-based businesses to join the festivities by sponsoring a stall and braaing their favourite meat cuts. Proceeds from this day were donated by Beefmaster Group to the Bhopelo Children’s Home and Ons Huis Old Age Home. It also recently participated in the OFM Braai Challenge and the value of the contribution made by Beefmaster Group on the day totalled R14 000. Proceeds from this day, of which Beefmaster donated R10 000, were gifted to Re Tlameleng Special School.

Roelie van Reenen, Beefmaster Group Supply Chain Executive, says that the festivities were a fun way to show that Beefmaster cares about its community. 

“As the COVID-19 regulations relax to Level 1, we wanted to celebrate with our neighbours and employees and encouraged our communities to come together for a good cause and join in the gees,” said van Reenen. 

Beefmaster Group Employees were also encouraged to get into the Heritage Day spirit a day early on Wednesday 23 September by showing off their dance moves and participating in the Jerusalema Dance Challenge.

This follows President Ramaphosa’s call for all to come together by participating in the Challenge and uploading videos onto social media ahead of Heritage Day. The South African song has become a global phenomenon, spreading its upbeat tune across the world.

Beefmaster Group encouraged employees at its meat processing plant in Kimberley, as well as its feedlot in Christiana, to join in the dancing. More than 150 employees participated across both locations, with the videos showing employees doing the Challenge in perfect unison to the beat of the popular song. 

Employees were further encouraged to swap their usual workwear for outfits representative of the unique and diverse cultural heritage of South Africa. Staff came dressed to work on the day in a range of traditional attire that celebrated this spirit. 

Van Reenen says that he is proud of the way that employees rose to the challenge and united in the spirit of “ubuntu”. 

“Our employees have played a leading role in helping to keep the company operational and providing essential food services throughout the lockdown restrictions, despite ongoing uncertainty due to the pandemic,” says van Reenen.

All staff continued to observe the COVID-19 safety protocols while dancing, including social distancing, wearing masks and other safety gear. 

He added that the company has prioritized staff safety and wellbeing throughout the pandemic, and beyond. It has invested over R2 million in its employees since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, a monthly average of approximately R600 000. The company has budgeted an additional R6 million to be invested in employees by the end of 2020 on COVID-19 related matters.

“Our employees are our number one asset and we pay tribute to them for continuing to play a leading role in the fight against the pandemic,” said van Reenen.