Meet your iBeef Cape Town representative: Luc Wegener

We take great pride in the quality of our products and believe this should naturally be extended to service. This is why our regional representatives will personally call you once you have placed your order, arrange a suitable delivery time, and then deliver to your door.  Take a minute to “meat”  Luc Wegener, your iBeef Cape Town representative and all-round awesome guy.

Tell us more about yourself – what do you enjoy for fun?

I am from Cape Town, born and bred. I love travelling and have lived in the Far East and Malaysia. I am a qualified diving instructor. I also love braaing, playing golf and guitar, going to the beach and being sociable.

Why iBeef?

I grew up in a family meat business; so from a very young age I understood what went into making a sausage! I always say I have a “twenty year degree” in selling meat. What I learnt is that business is all about building and maintaining relationships, so I take my role in getting every customer his or her iBeef order, seriously.

What does service mean to you?

Making my customers’ life easier and going the extra mile. I have a passion for people and delivering extraordinary, personalised service.

I aim to do as many iBeef deliveries myself to make the experience personal. I think there is something special about speaking to someone on the phone, taking their order, and then delivering it myself. This isn’t always possible, especially as we widen our delivery network in and around Cape Town. It is very important to me that we deliver within the timeframe that we promise the customer, as it inspires confidence in the service and product.

What do you want customers to know about iBeef?

Buying freshly frozen directly from the source is better than buying a fresh product that has gone through a couple of hands. It stays fresher for longer when frozen because of the cold chain.

What excites you about being part of the iBeef story?

We are one of the first big suppliers to international markets to have gone online and deliver directly from farm to door. We don’t repack and resell.

I also love working with iBeef customers, whom I have found to be curious in our product offering and who want to know more. I love sharing my meaty knowledge with them!

What is your favourite iBeef product?

Definitely rib-eye steak as it has the most flavour and can be very versatile.

Have you been to Beefmaster Group in Kimberley?

Yes, many times! I recently went there to learn more about the iBeef operation. Although I have been to many of the top meat suppliers in the country, the Beefmaster operation stood out due to their compliance to rigorous health and safety protocols. They definitely don’t pay lip service to this concept, as everyone takes it very seriously!

Can you share one braai tip?

Meat well-done should be illegal! Jokes aside, always braai your steak on hot coals.