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The Beefmaster Group is South Africa’s leading supplier of world-class beef products to Africa and beyond!

Trusted by customers throughout southern Africa, the Middle East and the Far East, Beefmaster lives up to the promise of exceptional quality every time.


Beefmaster Group

At Beefmaster, we believe in combining cutting-edge innovations and new technologies with good old-fashioned family values.

This commitment to honesty, integrity, and quality is what sets us apart, and we work constantly to raise that bar!

Our relationships with our colleagues, our suppliers, and our clients are at the heart of what we do here at Beefmaster – forge connections that will last a lifetime, over quality product like no other.

Beef Operations - Beefmaster

We play a meaningful role in the local and international beef industry, and we do so by investing in long-term partnerships with farmers, clients, export industry professionals and other key stakeholders in the industry.

To learn more about our main operations, including our feedlot, our involvement in cattle farming, how we process and package Beefmaster cuts, and how those cuts get from us to you, our consumer, keep reading below:


What do we do?

Our Feedlot

Beefmaster Feedlot

Our feedlot near the town of Christiana in the North West is the ideal location to raise the finest cattle to produce world-class beef.

The feedlot is where we keep all our cattle after purchase and before slaughter and this is where we help them pack on the pounds with our specially prepared feed, consisting of natural products which are largely self-produced.

We partner with local grain farmers to produce silage that meets our strictest quality standards.

Feedlot - Beefmaster

Reducing stress in our cattle is a priority for us from day one.

All our cattle are sourced from throughout southern Africa and purchased from local farmers.

Our animals are individually assessed on arrival in Christiana to help determine their individual feedlot regimen.

We ensure all our animals get plenty of rest, water, and only the healthiest feed.

Read more about our Feedlot Operations & Processes!


Cattle Farming

Beef Cattle Farming - Beefmaster

We raise a wide variety of cattle breeds on our Feedlot, but we do not do the initial cattle farming, i.e. breeding, ourselves.

Instead, we support and rely on local cattle farmers from across southern Africa to supply our need.

We populate our feedlot by buying young cattle after they’ve been weaned, and transporting them safely to our feedlot to be purpose-raised for the beef industry.

In so doing, we not only narrow the focus of our own operations to that which we do best, which is raising cattle with a whole lot of science, and a whole lot of heart, but we also support our local economy by supporting cattle farming on the micro and macro scale.

Read this for a more in-depth article about our Cattle Farming.

Cattle Farming - Beefmaster


Meat Processing

Meat Processing - Beefmaster

All of Beefmaster’s primary processing takes place at our state-of-the-art abattoir in Kimberley.

Located a mere hour’s drive from our feedlot, our abattoir is strategically located in the geographical center of South Africa, allowing easy access to all main transport routes.

The abattoir team consists of experienced management staff who oversee our meat specialists and beef craftsmen who are the ones putting our hi-tech portioning and packaging equipment to good use.

Meat Processing - Beefmaster

We supply a wide variety of clients including retailers and wholesalers both in South Africa and abroad, and we custom-package and debone our beef products according to their individual requirements.

At our abattoir we make use of superior cold chain management and unrivalled cooling technology which helps us ensure all our meat handling processes are optimised, and our exceptional quality standards are met.


Cooking With iBeef


All Beefmaster beef products are Halaal-certified.

What this means for you is that you can rest assured that our animals are respected, well cared for and well treated for the duration of their time with us.

All our slaughtering practices are humane and do not cause the animal undue distress.

We pride ourselves on exceptional quality without cruelty.


Meat Packing

Meat Packaging - Beefmaster

Did you know that while bright red is the colour most typically associated with fresh, healthy beef products, exceptional quality beef can actually be red, brownish, or even purple?

This is because myoglobin, a protein found in beef, is responsible for the colouring of the meat and as it breaks down over time, it results in the beef changing colour.

No matter the colour of our beef, you can rest assured it is of exceptional quality and has been expertly portioned and packaged!

We sell both packaged and unpackaged beef products which you can rest assured have always been safely stored and preserved in our unrivaled cooling units to ensure optimal food safety at all times.

Beef Packaging - Beefmaster

Different packing methods include but are not limited to vacuum packing and traditional packaging.

  • Vacuum packing was previously best suited to cured beef products, as vacuum packed fresh cuts tend to turn purple-brown in colour, making consumers hesitant to purchase the meat. Vacuum packing really does seal in the flavour of the meat and acts as a spectacular barrier against spoiling.
  • Wrapped Packaging – The final packaging method is perhaps the most traditional and involves a styrofoam tray containing beef and an absorbent pad being wrapped in clear cling wrap. This is the most cost effective method of packaging and is favoured by retailers who receive their cuts in bulk (vacuum sealed or in modified atmosphere packaging) and then reportion and repackage the smaller portions of beef for sale in their own stores.


Beef Product Distribution & Delivery

Beef Product Distribution - Beefmaster

Big or small, we sell to all!

From local street food vendors to global retailers and wholesalers, some of the biggest names in the business sell our products, but so do your favourite mom-and-pop shops!

Distribution - Beefmaster

Anyone is welcome to visit our factory shops to buy their beef directly from us, and we send out several refrigerated trucks daily to distribute our beef products both locally and internationally.


Exporting Beef Products

Exporting Beef Products - Beefmaster

The Beefmaster Group is an internationally well-regarded producer and distributor of world-class beef products.

Over the years we have won the trust of the southern African, Middle Eastern and Far Eastern markets, and we continue to expand our relationships across continents.

With our expert export partners, we look forward to bringing the best of South African beef to the world for generations to come!



Ultimately, no-one knows beef like Beefmaster.

From cattle farming to distribution and export.

And, it is only as the result of years’ of dedication, hard work, and constant investment in our communities and industry that we are able to say with pride that the Beefmaster team produces exceptional beef, and operates exceptionally on all fronts and in all sectors.

For more information on our products, our people, and our purpose.



We look forward to continuing to serve up exceptional beef to you, our exceptional customers!